Love's Fearless Lens

Many couples enjoy capturing marriage proposals, their blissful engagements, and joyful wedding moments to look back on for a lifetime. One of the best investments a couple can make is to choose a professional photographer they trust.

One of my personal favorites is LaCoiya Reed of No Expiration Photography. She describes her style as edgy lifestyle and has a passion for wedding and engagement photos.

When I visited her studio, she was in the middle of an alter ego photo shoot with model Chelsea.

It was amazing to see LaCoiya in her element as she daringly guided Chelsea through verbal cues and reenacted the desired poses to create the images that only she could see. However, this was not why I wanted to highlight this mother of three. In this month of enchantment, I wanted to glean her perspective of love through her lens. As a wife for thirteen years, she has a unique perspective on love and photography:

SH: What is your definition of love?

LR: Unconditional.  To love someone, you have to love him or her with all his or her faults no matter who it is.

SH: How have engagement or wedding shoots inspired your own marriage?

LR: …as a photographer, I see firsthand the stress around weddings...Every time I shoot a wedding, I fall more in love with my husband.

SH: How has your marriage influenced your perspective on engagement and wedding photos?

LR: It influences everything.  When shooting engagement sessions, I often tell the couple to ‘show me and show my lens love.’ During the sessions, I can tell if they are in love or not.  Weddings are staged, engagements are not.

SH: Photography is….

LR: Fearless! I used to be afraid to adjust props or the clients during the shoot. I would fix the pictures after the photoshoot. Now, I am not afraid to move anything I need to capture the shot I want.

And that she did. She directed Chelsea through every angle to capture some amazing photos!

To learn more about LaCoiya or No Expiration Photography visit the website, follow her on IG @no_exp_photography or on FB on the No Expiration Photography.

from a Haute Couture Events shoot in October 2015