Naked In Flight

I see you. But not with my own sight. But through the flying colors of hurts, and has beens, should of could of, I do not’s, and when’s

...I see your true soul. 

Your journey is my hindsight and I used to feel that same heaviness. It’s like black tar sticking to the skin as you try to vacate the mundane. Slaving to the minds crest feeding off a day dream of being free but staying trapped in an open cage and swallowing the invisible key. You can tell a bird they can fly but you can’t flap its wings. They must believe.

So I believe in you, but as I do I am hiding in God so I can be kept in flight.

Within a mid summers eve I saw me. For the first time to the first degree, I saw that my pedigree was heavenly. From then I acknowledged that my days and breaths taken had a lot to do with the choices I made. So I decided to embrace my eagle trait along with the follow though of replacing fears with faith. From faith to flight.

I must admit throughout this journey there is still turbulence in freedom.

What does this look like? Does a desire eliminate just because one is free?

Eagle 3.jpg

There is a time in flight when an eagles wings are in coast mode- so much that it grows a peculiar hunger and swoops to common land to feed.  While there, what’s realized is the reason why I must eat in the sky. Tar has no access, and being trapped was just a mindset. There will be no subjecting to compromise of life’s promises. So pivoting was necessary.

After tangible nourishment gave balance to my soul, I continue the divine aviation with the current...I am a naked spiritual being having a human experience. Learning and growing as I encounter the knots and beatitudes of this life journey.

This place is where I saw you, retrieved, gleaned, and left you peace.

Prayerfully the “peaces” of me left in transparency will assist you in taking flight



Kevia Nishe'

shares real-time encouragement with a mission to spread God's love, peace, and light.  You can e-mail Kevia Nishe' and follow her on Instagram @Be_EagleFly. Her latest song "Mathematics" on ReverbNation