Right Time, Write Place


The phenomenal Maya Angelou had a ritual of renting hotel rooms in the cities she lived in to write. She would go through an arduous process to produce the writing that has been mistaken for effortless.

“It might take me two or three weeks just to describe what I’m seeing now,” says Angelou.

Similarly, I have found hotels to be a great place to do the work of writing. While penning my memoir, I did much of the writing from home but it felt emotionally limited. It was not until I was under the white sheets of an unfamiliar bed that I would record some of the more traumatizing aspects of my life. You know, the parts that everyone connected with: the heartbreak, the grief, and the vulnerability of it all. After many tears and typing through my thoughts, I realized I did not want to associate hotel rooms with my own brokenness. I needed to shift how I saw hotels and recapture its’ beauty!  

For that reason, I decided to do my most recent photo shoot, an ode to writers, from a hotel. Initially, I coined the theme of this shoot as “Pen-Up Glam,” pun intended. I wanted to represent the beauty and elegance of Hollywood in the 1950s. It was a difficult process finding the perfect location, and last minute relocation due to a snowstorm, but all of the elements came together perfectly. Le Meridien turned out to be the right place at the “write” time!

A special thank you to the team behind this photo shoot:

Antonia Dangerfield (Director & Moral Support)

Jasmine Kelly (Hair, Props, & Moral Support)

Jazzy Face & Gloss by Joshlyne (MUA)

Cliff Cannon (Photographer)

Noelle Woods (Videographer)

SarahJInTheCity (Stylist)

Greg Carter (Assistance)

Christian (of Le Meridien)

*Typewriter courtesy of Manon Voice

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