Unleash the "Beast-Mode"

Remember that time you set out to accomplish that big thing? Run one mile without stopping. Pen the most inspiring words that would win the hearts of many. Pay off that dreaded credit card!

Oh, that last one was just me? Ok.

Well, what happens when you’ve accomplished that thing? When the energy and effort needed to live on purpose is no longer necessary. When your momentum slows down because that big box was finally checked off your life’s to-do list. Well, let me tell you.

When that happened for me, I learned that you have to be open to yet another shift. A shift into self-compassion and rest.


While in my resting season, I have begun to question what does “All Things Inspiration” mean to me? When I founded the blog over a year ago, I was chasing personal happiness. Now that I have moved through those issues, I no longer have the same motivation that once fueled late nights and early mornings in the name of VK Press.

What is All Things Inspiration now?

In this moment, it means discovery. It is a journey filled with new tastes, sights, and sounds. It’s motivation to continue living life on the edge in a different way. A way that is less dire and softer than what I have previously operated in. Though this feeling is still new to me, what I have learned is that you cannot operate with the passion that helped you accomplish a thing once it is complete. You have to take it down a few notches and let your beast mode deflate. You have to unleash the beast-mode!



(@vonne_kaye) is an author designer, and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. Shavonne hosts a weekly show Ladies Night Podcast on Apple Podcast. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts.