Failing Tall

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
— Norman Vincent Peale

You have a dream. And this dream, if it comes true, would be pure magic! In your mind’s eye, you see how it is going to manifest. You see the colors. You hear the sounds. You can even taste it. Whether it was a dream in the dark or simply a daydream, you decide to take action during your waking hours. There is no obstacle too big or limited amount of resources that will keep you from pursuing this desire of your heart. There is a stirring within you that declares you MUST realize this dream!

Then it happens! Your dream comes true. The intention you set forth and the effort you put out has helped you to manifest the dream. You saw colors. You heard sounds. You even tasted it. But there is one caveat. The dream realized in a way that fell short of what you had in mind. The colors you saw in your mind were brighter than the deep hues of your lived experience. The sounds of the crowded room were actually quieter than your fantasy. And that taste? It was not the buffet you desired. Instead it was an appetizer with fewer options.  

My vision for Wine and unMASKing the Strong Black Woman was much larger than what I experienced when it came true. Yet, it was perfect! There was nothing but love and light in the room. If I had given up when times got tough, the event would not have made it off the ground. Because I persisted, both the event and the day landed amongst the stars. 



Shavonne Holton (@vonne_kaye) is an author and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts. Pictured here on an evening cruise with friends to celebrate the success of the unMASKing event and her 33rd birthday (7/15/17).