Mental Note

Have you ever fallen intuitively for the essence of a mind? Where the intricate details of the origin of a beings mental genetics make you appreciate the core and relevance of its existence?

Once this lifetime-I have the pleasure to expound.

I’ve tasted a piece of the universe that keeps me intrigued. Although it seems I do not have direct access to it, its fruitful interaction shows otherwise. It helps me to grow and think beyond my current capacity. It assist me in embracing the fabric of my existence by way of looking in the mirror and seeing the God that healed me. Helping me to realize that in turn, the son-ships image makes me a Goddess. I love its patience with me, it can flow with the frequencies of odd uniqueness and not judge its differences.

The fallacies of thought are educated by humility, and I am consumed by its radiance. This radiance erases the pain encountered through fire, the translucent embers burning through my core with facts of life and yet it does me no harm.

There is joy in knowing I have connection to this process for growth and I am grateful to have met this type of force….an inspiration of love that cannot be explained in a simple term, only developed and documented. What have I encountered? Simply me.

May this be a duplicated mental note as you take a look and embrace You in the mirror today


Kevia Nishe' shares real-time encouragement with a mission to spread God's love, peace, and light.  You can e-mail Kevia Nishe' and follow her on Instagram @Be_EagleFly. Her latest song "Mathematics" on ReverbNation.