End of the Road

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One of my goals for the visit to China was to not go with the crowd during our free time. To avoid conforming to plans of the majority of the group for every adventure. This was especially important to me today as I wrapped my head around returning to the states soon.

Today’s orientation in Shanghai was enjoyable! The energy was upbeat and the families were more enthusiastic and engaged in this city as compared to Beijing.

Afterward, our group did lunch at the restaurant I ventured off to a couple of days ago, Koala Bar, before dividing up for movies or other activities. At this point, we all had a chemistry that was palpable. Everyone had an intuitive understanding of the other’s strengths and weaknesses. We laughed like we had known each other for years.

When I had finished eating, I decided to indulge in some self-care. I got a pedicure at a nice facility near the hotel. Then I went to a coffee shop across the street from the hotel, Blue Tree Coffee. Its décor and ambiance were inviting. The interior design had hints of British-inspired pieces with the comfort of a family room.

Although the interior was relaxing, I decided to enjoy the shade of the French-inspired streets from the small outdoor seating. I wanted to take in Shanghai as slowly as I could. I was able to do so for about an hour before our largest dinner with our alums who have more access to this place and these moments everyday…



(@vonne_kaye) is an author and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts. Pictured here at Blue Tree Coffee in Shanghai, China (May 27, 2017).