Study Abroad


Shanghai Jiao Tong University changed my life! Of all the campuses I visited in China, this was the most exhilarating one.  First, Shanghai is a beautiful city and SJTU has an immaculate campus!

The campus tour reminded me of my dream “to earn a PhD in Sociology or Social Psychology.” Earlier this year, I published a book and gained the most clarity from sociological and psychological scholarship. After completing the book, I realized a new dream that included me returning to school and an interest in the social sciences.  

What’s more? When I learned that SJTU offered programs taught in English, it piqued my consideration for graduate programs abroad. The wheels of my mind started turning as I pondered how I was either going to attend this school or another university outside of the US.

Unfortunately, SJTU did not offer a program that aligned with my educational goals. But why stop there? There had to be other universities outside of the US that offered my desired program, right?

What came from a little more research (which usually occurred between stops during our campus tour) was that Shanghai University has a PhD program in sociology. If after more investigation this program is not a good fit, I would even consider expanding my search to include universities in France or Italy. (After all, I connected with many people from France during this trip.) 


I am excited to share that I will be working towards my dream of studying abroad by Fall 2018!


Shavonne (@vonne_kaye) is an author and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts. Pictured here at a museum at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China (May 26, 2017).