Lights, Camera, Shanghai!


Most weekends at home are spent in the movie theatre with my GPa. But I wanted to see a movie in Chinese. Until this point, I was unable to catch a film in Beijing or Ningbo due to jet lag and our busy schedules. Shanghai would be my last resort.


As our bus crossed over the ocean to the metropolitan streets of Shanghai, I put my head in the travel books to learn more about the history of Chinese film and must-go-to cinemas in the city. My intense desperation to find a theatre consumed me as my colleagues enjoyed the French-inspired sights leading up to the downtown area where our hotel was located.


When I finally looked up, I caught glimpses of a large venue hidden behind movie advertisements. The ads surrounded it like a gated fence enclosing an expensive home. In haste, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of the building and the street signs at the intersection. I was going to be ready to show it to the concierge to find out how to get back to that spot. When the light turned green, our bus made a wide left turn followed by a permanent stop. To my surprise, our hotel was next door to this grand movie theatre!


With that, I checked into the hotel, threw my bags in room and went to the first movie that would be starting (which was the science fiction thriller, Life).


Mission accomplished!


Shavonne (@vonne_kaye) is an author and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts. Pictured here at a cinema in Shanghai, China (May 25, 2017).