I Am Woman

March! March can be defined as “the progress or continuity of something abstract that is considered to be moving inexorably onward.” What better time to celebrate women than the month of March? For 31 days we get to honor the history and beauty of women. To know a woman is to know greatness, strength, beauty and love.  A woman is delicate yet strong, loving, nurturing, resilient, courageous and wise but above all a woman is the giver of life. She embraces her flaws while using them as a catalyst for growth. She nurtures potential and invites change. She carries the weight of her family without a frown and do not ask her to slay because SHE WILL. Complex but balanced; I am woman!

To highlight all of the glory of a woman, I turned to a group of vibrant women that I meet with monthly. When asked what makes them feel like a woman or what does it mean to be a woman, here is how they responded:

“I’m a mother, a daughter and a sister. I love clothes, shoes, wearing makeup etc. None of these things make me feel like a woman more than this: feeling vulnerable and taken care of by a man who loves me. No a man does not define me, him being there allows me to let down all of the protective defenses I have to carry around daily and really get in tuned with my softer more natural and relaxed, uninhibited side.”

“I feel most like a woman when I feel sexy. I feel sexy after a day of pampering (hair done, manicure, pedicure, new shoes). You can’t tell me nothing.”

“Being a wife has its ups and downs. Being a mother can be nerve wrecking but I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Having lost a child has taught me to be stronger and even more grateful for the time I was able to spend with her. I will always cherish those small moments.”

“To me being a woman means to bask in my godliness and to live out the freedoms that were made possible by the women before me.  That means to surround myself with other women as much as possible to help remind myself of how magical we are, no matter how much society downplays our part in the world. We create the world. Generations of women before me fought so that I’d have the right to define what it means for me to be a woman in this day and age. I am not confined to solely being a mother and a housewife, but I can freely choose to be. I can be a career woman. I can be successful. I can be single. I can be outspoken. I can be strong. I’ve been seeing shirts lately that say “the future is female” and I believe that.”

I am woman. Hear me roar. Watch me S L A Y !


TheLadyNPumps  is a Chicago-based blogger finding penspiration in everyday living. 

TheLadyNPumps is a Chicago-based blogger finding penspiration in everyday living.