Naked Too


The Painful Truth Pt 1

To be hurt by one having done nothing at all, and to hurt one doing all wrong is a distinctive parallel of this painful truth..a stabbing numbness. How do the two vary? Hardly at all. One will grow you and the other will learn you interchangeably.

If only you could see the pain that travels my soul, as I realize that my self centered mistakes caused you discord. It's like, If I could visualize making eternal amends, I'd be kissing every scar life handed you and telling you that I love you everyday a million times, but it wouldn't substitute the actions you'd need to see from me.

If I could express the sentiment of my heart, you would know the pain inflicted is life changing. It has helped cater to the true definition of what a loyal friend should never do.

As a wo-man I vow to be more accounting of my subconscious and conscious speech and deeds..Be more direct..Transparent minus neglect..To be forth coming and less suspect..

For life's secrets have caused distant learning- so they will now be far from many, to few, to none.

I've referred to the core of me the hindsight to decree that as I've traveled this journey, I've realized the composition of and the need to release calloused emotions. This too, has me naked. 

Growing on the path to consciousness has brought me to a place of, Just Being, without waiver.

Within the essence of me, I've acknowledged that poison has no room in my cognitive space.

I praise Our Creator, and am thankful for the reveal, as I soar through and trust the process of all poison seeping out of my pores..Ill gladly take the pain as it leaves.

This is necessary for me to cleave and become one with my destiny.

I will always remember the fabric of you in this season. A true example of humility and grace.

Healing from past wounds, habits, and extracting is by far the most liberating experience. Especially because I choose not to bear those things.

I choose life. And this experience chose me.

You're existence has helped in the sculpture of the most Fly me.




Kevia Nishe'

shares real-time encouragement with a mission to spread God's love, peace, and light.  You can e-mail Kevia Nishe' and follow her on Instagram @Be_EagleFly. Her latest song "Mathematics" on ReverbNation