A Story Untold

VK Press was named in honor of two remarkable women in my life: my maternal grandmother and my mother. As you could imagine, both of these women have left a lasting impression on me. Both women have shaped how I see myself in the world.

VK Press was named after Shavonne's grandmother and mother (pictured here at Shavonne's weightlifting competition in October 2016.)

VK Press was named after Shavonne's grandmother and mother (pictured here at Shavonne's weightlifting competition in October 2016.)

Without a shadow of doubt, my mother gave me her sense of humor and outgoing personality. Whenever she walks into a space, she is the life of the party! For the longest, I denied our ties because I did not want to be associated with the unfavorable parts of her nature. But once I saw myself dancing in the mirror with moves that resembled hers, I could no longer deny her. I had to own the part of my identity from being the first person on the dance floor to the part of me that could sabotage even the most loving relationships. I am my mother’s daughter.


But I am also my GMa’s baby.

With only an eighth grade education, my GMa was my favorite teacher. When she passed away in early November, I felt her loss emotionally and physically. I felt like I had lost the person who had nurtured me and shaped my life’s purpose. For weeks, I lacked the energy and strength for completing even the most simplest tasks. Personal hygiene had gone out of the door. The desire to eat had gone out of the window. I only ate because the people around me noticed I did not. Initially, I was completely lost, but it was in grief’s abyss I was found…

or at GMa’s greatest lessons found me and served to remind me of why I founded VK Press. For most of my life, GMa said she wanted to pen a book about her life’s story. She knew that it would help and inspire others, but she never got around to it. When I published my book this year, it was as if she could see the possibility of her own book coming to life. Unfortunately, her life ended before I could help her publish her life’s rich and colorful stories.   

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
— Maya Angelou

This is not plug to solicit aspiring authors for VK Press. Instead it is a call for you to live your life fully. It is a charge for you to pursue the dreams that lay dormant inside of you. It is a gentle push for you to forget the items on your 2017 to-do list and to pursue, with a sense of urgency, that tugging at your heart starting today! Wake up each day with a determined effort to curate your best life. Commit to you with all of your heart. Do not leave this earth with untold stories or unfulfilled pursuits. Die empty!

To Yvonne “GMa” Marie, you are the “V” of VK Press. May I publish works that would make you proud and spread the unending love you’ve given me <3



(@vonne_kaye) is an author designer, and the blog curator for All Things Inspiration. Shavonne hosts a weekly show Ladies Night Podcast on Apple Podcast. She enjoys traveling, fitness, movies and the arts.