The Ultimate Stress Reliever


So when I come home, I am happily greeted by my favorite living thing in the world, Sophia.  Mind you, Sophia is none other than a dog.  A Pitbull mix to be exact.  Sophia, and dogs in general are the ultimate man’s best friend AND stress reliever.  Sophia doesn’t fault me for being late coming home, being frustrated after a hard day’s at work, or yelling at her because I’m taking my anger out on her.  Instead, she cheerfully runs to the door and wags her tail vigorously, whining in an attempt to hurry me from my car.  Anytime I come home, I look forward to seeing her ever smiling face after my work day.  I mean, yes, she is my 5-year old, 50-pound puppy who steals blankets and takes up three-quarters of my bed,  BUT she is my go-to stress relief.  Allowing her to snuggle up next to me and letting me literally squish her cheeks and rub her belly, removes so much stress, frustration, anger and sadness from the day and days past.  There is something about scratching the back of a dog’s ear that just…makes you happy.  

scary cat.jpg

Cats, on the other hand, …they make me nervous and they are fairly mean.  Sorry cat-people, but I just don’t get you! ☺

Sophia licking Aunya.jpg

Aunya' DeAnn

(@_renaissance_13) is a counselor by day and a blogger by night. Aunya' is the sole author of her blog, Black Tea Dispensary. She enjoys playing ukulele and guitar, painting and drawing, and going to the gym.