Say It Loud

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One day while casually shopping at a local “high-quality” grocery store, I stopped in the middle of the aisle and said to my husband “I’m so proud; look at our people in here doing better and making healthy choices.” Although I said it jokingly, I was sincere. An awakening has happened and I can’t necessarily pinpoint the year but I have gone from nearly being ashamed of my name to embracing my melanin and how glorious it looks in yellow.

Not often do we appreciate our culture and the struggle our ancestors have gone through. You can certainly argue that African-Americans are still enslaved but even with the racial climate of the country, WE are still making moves. From financial advisors, business owners and publishers to fitness instructors, bloggers, and photographers…the black entrepreneur is on the rise. 

Then Issa happened. While on the red carpet she stated she was rooting for “everybody Black” and capped it with a Kanye shrug. (insert standing ovation GIF) 


That warmed my entire being. I felt like the proud mom at graduation because I am most certainly here for all black everything. I was recently told I exude Blackness; those words made me feel as if I was being draped in royal garb. To know that my presence somehow reflects (the sometimes unspoken) dopeness of my people is mind blowing!

If I’ve never said it before, I’m saying it now. Hey world, “I’m Black, dope and proud!”



TheLadyNPumps is a Chicago-based blogger finding penspiration in everyday living.