My skin is bare.

I’d like to imagine only the euphoric expressions of the vulnerable aspects of a sculpturally undressed physique. The accepted vivid visual would involve secreted measures in labeling the hearts benevolent gesture toward such a loved tangible thing- until it's the intangible core that solicits self-care.

When I look in the mirror, I invoice each scar that is invisible to the natural eye, but so clearly I see the stain of my skewed heart through the layers of my skin. I want to hide the innate beauty with a smile of non-verbal responses, that lead to protection of the suppressed offenses occurred throughout my journey.

As I glance, this question is posed. If I have learned how to LET GO and truly release my outer insecurities- why am I so afraid to be internally naked?

In one blink, I realized each season requires healing which comes from releasing suppressed emotions and clothed fear.

As each layer disposes, it reveals parts of me that are beautiful in its essence, raw and unaccounted for. The vagueness of my truth is dressed in my purest attire that seeps through my pores.

There's a light that can be seen in progression, as I trust the process of growth. Indeed, the genesis of an awakening embrace.

I now smile, for I’m mastering the step by step release that leads to acknowledging what to surrender. Through surrender I am transparent and I am healed.

I will embrace my breast.



Kevia Nishe'

shares real-time encouragement with a mission to spread God's love, peace, and light.  You can e-mail Kevia Nishe' and follow her on Instagram @Be_EagleFly. Her latest song "Mathematics" on ReverbNation