Human Library: Rejecting Stereotypes for Social Change

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When licensed clinical social worker Mishara Winston founded To Indy With Love, she wanted to design emotionally enriching experiences that would shift the way people viewed themselves and their neighbors. Mishara does this by facilitating social adventures, consultations, and public events for organizations, small groups, and individuals.

On Friday, November 3, 2017, To Indy With Love will be hosting Indianapolis’ First Human Library! The Human Library is an opportunity for members of the community to have conversations with others they would not engage with on a regular basis. It’s a chance to learn more about people who are “checked out” as books with provocative titles. Imagine having a conversation with a young lady who appears normal but is actually battling a terminal illness and extreme rejection from her family. Checking out an individual with the title “Molested” could lead to a conversation with an older gentleman whose life was forever changed after surviving repeated sexual assaults from trusted males in his neighborhood.

The Human Library is sure to demystify some of the uninformed stereotypes we have about others and to reveal the common experiences we do not readily talk about openly. Thank you Mishara and To Indy With Love for bringing this experience to Indianapolis!      

To learn more about the Human Library, you may visit for more information about the global initiative or via To Indy With Love’s website  



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