Happy New Year

I usually do not make New Year’s resolutions because I know I cannot keep them.  Like most people, the rush to follow through with the new change leaves me after a month, week, or day into the new year.  Instead, I set goals to accomplish by my next birthday.  For instance, “by my next birthday, I would like to pay off a (certain) debt” or “complete a (specific) passion project”.  Making goals like these have been easier for me to maintain. 

But with the new year approaching, I’d like to set a few goals for VK Press including:

·         Update and launch the rest of the website with content for writers, freelancers, & our bookstore

·         Publish our first book and prepare to launch our second publication by the end of the year

·         Post content from guest bloggers at least once a month

·         Publicize the VKP brand and host a large scale one year anniversary event in October

Now that I’ve shared with you my goals, what are yours for 2017 (or by your next birthday)?