2016...A Year of Paradoxical Inspiration

Sooo…I have been writing this blog All Things Inspiration without so much as a formal introduction.  Well, my name is Shavonne and I consider myself a chameleon.  I am able to move through life and transform as the conditions around me change.  2016 brought about many changes that were not so inspirational including a divorce and the loss of several loved ones.      

Yet, the year has also been one of birth.  I wrote my first book and formed VK Press to publish it.  This blog was created not only to inspire writers through their creative blocks, but to motivate me to live a more rich experience.  Working on this website has kept me occupied as I awaited initial feedback from my manuscript and I look forward to sharing the finished book with you soon. 

As we celebrate the holidays, take the time to reflect on your growth in 2016!  Comment below with what experience you were most grateful for in 2016.